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If you are looking for milfs near you, you probably first started the process by looking in the mirror and saying, "Are there any hot milfs near me?" While this is a good first start, you have to understand that if you ask yourself the question "are there hot milfs near me," you are, by necessity, going on a journey that you start with You are going on a path that could lead to self esteem issues. It would lead you to discipline issues.

A lot of people do not equate trying to find milfs near me with self discipline. In many people’s minds, that’s as far as the east is from the west. What the hell does self discipline have to do with finding milfs, talking to them, getting in touch, and then fucking them? What does this all have to do with self esteem, self discipline, self control, the whole nine yards? What’s the big deal with getting pussy and its impact on other areas of your life?

Well, actually, if you think about it hard enough, and you’re completely honest with yourself, with no tinge of denial or bullshit, it has everything to do with it. Finding milfs near you requires self discipline. It requires hanging on when all these women laugh at your face. It means getting back up after your ego has been stomped to the ground by a chick who just decided to be mean to you. Do you see how this works?

So if you want to truly succeed with milfs near you, you need to develop the right self discipline. Unfortunately, this is impossible to do outside of the trial and error process. So do yourself a big favor and embark on that journey and just keep hitting it until you hit a home run.

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