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shannonI’ve got some troubling news for you. You have to understand that the vast majority of guys who joined free sex dating sites to try to get their fair share of some nasty, tight pussy, end up failing. What’s really troubling about this statistic is the fact that these guys fail not because they look like the beast in the movie Beauty and the Beast. It’s not because of their looks at all because if it is all about looks, then you only need to look at the typical dance club or singles pick up place to debunk this notion.

Looks have nothing to do with it. Why? Guys who look like Quasimodo or the Hunchback of Notre Dame end up getting tight pussy every single day from these clubs. It has nothing to do with looks.

Does it have something to do with money? Well, a lot of broke guys who look pathetic and sad, at least in terms of economics, also manage to land their fair share of pussy. So what gives? Why do most guys fail at adult hookup sites if appearances and financial capability are not part of the mix? What’s really going on?

Well, if you look at how guys carry themselves at adult hookup sites, the answer should become quite obvious. The reason why they fail is because they come up with really pathetic profiles that highlight their lack of confidence. You have to understand that perception is reality when it comes to online pussy.

Sure, it’s called online pussy but when it shows up at the motel, you’re going to have real sex. You’re going to have real, hardcore action and for this to become real, you have to first believe in yourself and you have to let the world know that you believe in yourself. This has nothing to do with you saying to the world that you are fucking.

People don’t care about what you think. People don’t give a damn about your feelings. All they care about is what you actually do. So the moment you start acting confident is the moment you start getting real action from adult hookup sites. It really is that basic.

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