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There are so many sites out there these days that are trying to push the envelope on how raunchy and explicit they can be. It feels like a race to the bottom, and I personally have grown tired of it. I miss the days when a woman was appreciated for her natural sensuality and the beauty of the female form. That’s why when I discovered this Goddess Nudes discount for 75% off, I jumped all over it.

Here you will find more than nine hundred of the hottest most flawless beauties on the planet. These vixens are the epitome of sexual perfection and stunning from head to toe. You will be able to see them in artistically shot nude photos that are of the highest-quality. There are more than 2,400 of this high-resolution images for you to enjoy. One feature I really liked is that you can watch them in automatic slideshows, and with as scorching-hot as they are, hands-free viewing is a huge plus. You can also download them in zip files.

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In an industry that seems to be in a race to the bottom to see who can be the raunchiest and nastiest out there, it’s refreshing to see a site that celebrates the beauty and eroticism of the feminine form. StasyQ does this in a way that is tasteful, sensual, and sexy as hell.

You can now get a StasyQ discount for 34% off to dive into this world of high-quality softcore porn. The women here are beyond stunning, all being flawless from head to toe. They love to strip out of their clothes and put their bodies on full display. The videos here are crystal clear HD quality, allowing you to savor every detail of every moment. As they explore their supple flesh, they will grasp their breasts and stimulate their sensitive nipples, rub their clits, and finger their horny cunts. 

There are hundreds of hot videos here and you can stream or download them without limits so you always have all of the sexy softcore content that you need at your fingertips.

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When you join, you’ll be treated to a world filled with beautiful women and their sensuality. These babes are all stunning beauties, with gorgeous features and bodies that are pure perfection. In high-quality photos and videos, you can witness these vixens as they exude grace and sex appeal. 

With this 73% off discount to Errotica Archives, you are able to access this exquisite erotic art for a fraction of the price. With your membership you have unlimited access to all of their content. This allows you to explore at your own pace. There are even daily updates, so this impressive collection is continuously growing and giving you something fresh to look forward to.

While the content here isn’t overly explicit and raunchy, you are treated to every inch of these models including their breasts, asses, and sweet pussies. They are presented in a way that focuses on their pure womanhood without exploiting them. For those of us who truly appreciate a woman’s beauty inside and out, a site like this is rare.

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My wife has some really nice tits. I’d say they’re above average for sure. But whenever she shows them off and asks me “Are these the best tits you’ve ever seen?” I have to look her right in the eye and say “No. Fucking. Way.” Why? Because I believe in honesty, and if I told her that her boobs were even half as perfect as the ones I see on Pinup Files then I’d be lying. Oddly enough she doesn’t appreciate my honesty on the topic and it’s usually a few weeks before I get anywhere near her tits again. Oh well, that just means I have more reason to jerk off to those top-tier racks on Pinup Files.

Are you wanting to see what all the fuss is about but you’re a little tight on cash right now? Click here and save 67% with a discount to Pinup Files. Before you know it you’ll have your face buried between those virtual fun bags. Stop procrastinating and start masturbating to the best boobs online.


Recently and completely unexpectedly I got some extra responsibilities in my work and it involves some very basic photo editing. I had never owned a camera in my life and had never given photography a thought and would never have guessed it’s something that would peak my interest but I found myself enjoying editing these photos a lot.

It certainly isn’t photography but it seems that if I had some photography experience it would have come in very handy in recognising what is better or worse lighting or contrast should I say, on subtle levels that is, and how to properly edit it. Making objects pop is a term I’ve heard and although it seemed simple once I watched some vids on it I was astounded what people can do with editing when they know what to look for and how to do it.

It’s no wonder that people love photography and that it’s such an art which is the case here by the way.

This is a strictly photography site and you can get a Goddess Nudes 77% off discount by following that link.

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I’m a fan of beautiful things. To me, all porn is art. It just so happens that it’s an art form that makes me want to touch myself constantly. That’s why I don’t mind paying for the high-end content. Hey, I’d put this shit on my walls like Van Gogh if I could. I’m one classy motherfucker. But it makes more sense to keep it in my browser. I wouldn’t want all my friends to get jealous.

Lately I’ve been enjoying the babes on Twistys. It’s really easy to fall in love with these living works of art as they strip down and play with their dripping wet pussies. They have been around for over a decade so they have accumulated a ton of scenes. There are actually more than 8,000 videos and 18,000 photosets. There are solo masturbation, girl-on-girl, and straight hardcore niches to choose from.

Click here for a Twistys 74% off discount. Not only will you save cash but this deal will grant you access to bonus sites like Feature Films, Twistys Teasers, When Girls Play, Twistys Hard, Nicole Graves and Annette Dawn for no additional cost!

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