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There are so many sites out there these days that are trying to push the envelope on how raunchy and explicit they can be. It feels like a race to the bottom, and I personally have grown tired of it. I miss the days when a woman was appreciated for her natural sensuality and the beauty of the female form. That’s why when I discovered this Goddess Nudes discount for 75% off, I jumped all over it.

Here you will find more than nine hundred of the hottest most flawless beauties on the planet. These vixens are the epitome of sexual perfection and stunning from head to toe. You will be able to see them in artistically shot nude photos that are of the highest-quality. There are more than 2,400 of this high-resolution images for you to enjoy. One feature I really liked is that you can watch them in automatic slideshows, and with as scorching-hot as they are, hands-free viewing is a huge plus. You can also download them in zip files.

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Recently and completely unexpectedly I got some extra responsibilities in my work and it involves some very basic photo editing. I had never owned a camera in my life and had never given photography a thought and would never have guessed it’s something that would peak my interest but I found myself enjoying editing these photos a lot.

It certainly isn’t photography but it seems that if I had some photography experience it would have come in very handy in recognising what is better or worse lighting or contrast should I say, on subtle levels that is, and how to properly edit it. Making objects pop is a term I’ve heard and although it seemed simple once I watched some vids on it I was astounded what people can do with editing when they know what to look for and how to do it.

It’s no wonder that people love photography and that it’s such an art which is the case here by the way.

This is a strictly photography site and you can get a Goddess Nudes 77% off discount by following that link.

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